t The german authors of the daylilygarden from the Niederrhein
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About us :

Because of our profession as engineers in landscape architecture Theresia and I are strongly connected in the subjects of "gardens" and "plants".

Since 2007, we collect perennials in our garden. The experience we gained will help us to implement the right combination of perennials and trees in practice. From the beginning we loved the versatility of daylilies and to collect them has become a great passion for us. Every year many new varieties find the way into our garden and delight us with their bloom from June to August.
Through our website we would like to meet other daylily lovers and collectors to exchange experiences and also plants. Of course, we also like to buy new Daylily cultivars for our collection. Since 2010, we are members of the Gesellschaft der Staudenfreuende - Hemerocallis Germany. Pictures from the felicitous annual meeting in northern germany in 2011 and 2012 and in the Netherlands in 2010 see below.


Annual Meeting GdS / Hemerocallis Europa 2012:

Daylily - Rondell in the park of gardens in Bad Zwischenahn


Annual Meeting GdS / Hemerocallis Europa 2011:

First Day : Gardening by Gerald Hohls at Kirchboitzen, Walsrode


Second day: Gardening by Helga Mischer at Emmendorf

Third day : Perennial gardening by Rolf Offenthal at Grethem

Third Day: Daylily - Rondell in the park of gardens in Bad Zwischenahn


Annual Meeting GdS / Hemerocallis Europa 2010:

First day: Gardening by Gerard Heemskerk in the seaside resort of Noordwijk, NL

Second Day: Gardening by Hans and Peter Halsema on the island Texel (exports 3.5 million Daylilies a year)

Third Day: Garden of the NAK Tuinbouw www.naktuinbouw.nl

Third day: Gardening by Kees Jan Kraan www.bridgeviewgardens.nl

2009 Perennial display garden Weihenstephan


Pfarrkirchner Rosaträumerei, Stinglhammer 1998

2009 Wels - Austria

Gardening by Siegfried Hofstätter www.taglilien.at (Only unregistered daylilies - Varieties)




In 2012 we move to our new garden (1.000 m²)

Here are the first pictures of the daylily bloom in july 2013


Daylily 'Oirlicher Westwind'                                                                 Crimson Pirate and in the background Astilbe 'Brautschleier '


Here are some pictures of our former daylily garden in Uedem 2010.

June 2010


September 2010:


Our beginnings: Photos of 2009 from our "Rottweiler Daylilygarden "